More detail related how to organize or declutter your kitchen:
1.►0:15|Organize your no frills refrigerator with a few small bins.

Dollar Store Refrigerator Makeover

2.►1:01|Next, employ bins in your pantry.

Pantry Makeover

3.►1:29|Take small baskets to clean up your cutlery drawer.

Cutlery Drawer Organization

4.►1:46|This also works for rounding up everything from tea to Tylenol.

5.►2:16|Use tension rods to store your cutting boards and baking sheets so you can access it more easy.

6.►2:48|Or buy a basic wire rack and some zip ties for your cabinet door.

Next use magazine files to hold your placemats and paper goods.

8.►3:38|Pick out some small baskets for canned food organization.

Canned food organization

9.►3:52|Transfer all of your dry goods to matching glass canisters.

10.►4:32|Line your drawers with inexpensive (non-seasonal) gift wrap.

11.►5:05|Pick up a binder to house all of your favorite recipes.

Simple Cooking Magazine Organization

12.►5:23|Grab a few self-adhesive hooks to make an easy-grab station for your measuring spoons.

13.►5:44|Line your refrigerator shelves with (off brand) wax paper, plastic wrap, or cling film.

How to Clean a Fridge

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