Organization. It's one of those love / hate relationships. I love getting started and then oh, the sheer joy of using that freshly arranged space. The bad part is the "middle." That's when there is still a lot to do before you're done and the end is not close enough to be inspired by the sight of the finish line.

Sometimes it is hard to keep going when the end is getting closer but there are still so many little things left to put away or – even worse – to even find homes for! That is what these 7 Organization Inspirations are for.

Here are some things I have found that help keep me going when the going gets tough. These help me over the humps and bumps along the way. Here are ideas to get you moving and keep you going.

1. Visualization brings Victory. Before you do anything else visualize what you want. Imagine in your mind what this place is going to look like when you are all finished. Whether it's a just a drawer or an entere room, think about what you would like. Think about what a thrill it will be to go and get something from this newly organized tidy area. No more shifting piles and checking every drawer in the house. Will not it be nice to go and easily get what you want?

2. Slow and Steady. Do not think you have to wait to get started until you have an endless weekend or day. Slow and steady won the race! Often little blocks of 5 and 10 minutes will move you toward your goal more quickly. Especially if the job ahead seems overwhelming, work on it just a few minutes at a time.

3. Make Minutes Count. While you are working on it just a few minutes at a time you might want to try a timer. This eliminates your need to keep an eye on the clock and you can just work steady until it goes off, letting you know it is time to stop until next time. I have found that often I am motivated by my momentum and want to set it for another block of time and keep going.

4. Small Pieces. Another way to go at it slow and steady is to break it up into small pieces. Do not try to conquer the closet in a day. Just make your goal a shelf in an afternoon or something similar. Small pieces are often easier to swallow and you do not choke so easily.

5. Music to Move With. Put on some peppy music. When I was a girl and needed to do the dreaded job of cleaning my messy room up, P played a song called "England Swings" by Petulia Clark. This song made me want to get up and go! This is not the time for what we call "Elevator Music." Put away your soft songs and pull out something that makes you want to move.

6. Sort to Start. One of the best ways to start a large project is to start sorting. Get three sacks and keep them nearby. One sack is where you put things you want to donate to Goodwill. I recommend not keeping things to give someone else. Just go for the tax write-off. If you try to keep things and give them to others you have just moved it from one "To Do" list to another. Another sack is garbage. Broken things, scraps of paper, whatever. Throw away liberally. The third sack is for things that need to put away. It might go here or need to be taken to a different room. Just put it in your sack for now and leave a few minutes before quitting to empty this sack. So, three sacks: Give Away, Throw Away, and Put Away.

7. Clean It. As you put each thing in its new home be sure and give a good once over. The smell of a freshly cleaned space is often all the inspiration I need to motivate myself to tie up the loose ends and get every last paper clip and straight pin put away.

It's nearly impossible to stop now so you will not need any more inspiration help! Enjoy your freshly organized space!


Source by Lorrie Flem