Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you these pantry organization tips! Don’t let your food pantry become a dumping ground in your kitchen. Instead, allow these pantry ideas to transform your kitchen organization methods. Clear, square storage containers take up less space in your kitchen pantry cabinet and also eliminate messy open boxes of ingredients. Using erasable labels to easily identify the contents of each container combines two great pantry organization ideas into one easy solution. Keep all your cookbooks neatly together by placing them in colorful magazine organizers. A simple dish rack is all it takes to manage baking pans efficiently. Large baskets make for ideal pantry organizers to keep kids’ snacks or baking ingredients all in one place. Shelf risers on your pantry shelves help elevate canned goods, ensuring that you can see what you have and that nothing goes to waste. A lazy Susan brings hard to reach ingredients to the front of your food pantry with just a spin. Knowing how to organize a pantry can be tricky, but with these organization tips, it doesn’t have to be a chore!

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