Different styles of shelving can be used more effectively in different places. And the material they made from can be an important factor too. Let me explain further …

Take, for example, the commercial or industrial sector. The type of shelving most often needed and used in factories and warehouses is usually an open back style made of heavy duty metal or steel. The open back means that merchandise is more easily accessible and a good deal of weight can be stored on shelves made of steel.

In other workplaces, for example an office, the materials used may vary depending on the area and its purpose. The storage room may hold files and stationery on shelves that are made of plastic, wood, metal or even wire. Where as, out in reception they may be a fine wood or glass shelf, paying more heed to the presentability, as well as the function.

The same is true for the home. The shelving you use for the pantry will be vastly different to that used for the bathroom. Glass works quite well in the bathroom, you can have shelves in the corner making use of otherwise wasted space. These can appear to be floating by the way they are designed. However, glass in the pantry is a bad idea because if anything should happen, glass and food do not mix, and it could be quite hazardous.

Rubbermaid is a well known manufacturer of a number of products, including shelving and storage systems. The material they produce is a heavy duty, durable type of plastic that can withstand quite a bit of weight. They have designed each product with the area that will be used in mind. For example, they have everything from spice rack shelves to plastic baskets that hang on the door, making use of unused space and keeping the pantry neatly organized for ease of use.

The garage is an area of ​​the home that most people struggle to keep uncluttered, and fitting everything in can become quite a challenge. Rubbermaid has this covered too with their Fast track garage organization system. This is a heavy duty, steel, wall mounted storage system that can hold anything from power tools to bicycles and is a great way to reclaim the floorspace of the garage for your car.

As you can see, not all shelving is created equally and before you buy you will need to consider the purpose that you want your shelving to serve when you go to install it. Look around online or visit your local hardware or home improvement store to see what is available.


Source by Nic Ross