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PACK OF TWO STACKABLE SHELVING UNITS – This bundle includes 2 mesh shelves that have interlocking legs and can be stacked one on top of the other. From the original makers of Mesh, they are the perfect storage rack for maximizing space in small apartments, RV’s and kitchens. You can Stack 3 or 4 of these metal shelving units together to triple or quadruple your storage space.
MESH SHELVES WITH FOLDABLE DESIGN : Travelling around, moving apartments or switching dorm rooms is simple and easy with these folding shelves. Simply pack up your stuff and fold up your home storage unit to take with you. The foldable design also means that it won’t take up valuable space when it is not in use. Additionally, they are very sturdy, durable and have no sharp edges.
PERFECT FOR USE IN PANTRY OR KITCHEN : These racks create the perfect storage solution for organizing your pantry or kitchen. Shelf organizers make frequently used dishes easy to access. Stack your large dinner plates on the bottom and pasta bowls and salad plates side by side on the top. The pantry should be a stress-free zone, with this shelf you can organize canned goods, spices and other food items to make your pantry neat and organized.
VERY USEFUL IN BEDROOM AND BATHROOM : These portable racks can easily fit inside your closet underneath a clothing rod to use as a shoe rack or for purses. You can also place these on a shelf in your closet to store hats, scarves and other clothing items. If messy bathrooms drive you crazy, use this as a freestanding shower shelf, so no more shampoos and soaps laying around in your bathroom.
NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: The mesh design allows air to flow and will resist any buildup of dust, moisture or mildew. This storage stand requires no assembly or screwing any pieces together. Simply open the box and start organizing your home today! SMALL MEASURES: LENGTH: 9.5 IN. LENGTH WITH HANDLES: 9.75 IN. WIDTH: 9.5 IN. HEIGHT: 4 IN. HEIGHT WHEN LEGS ARE FOLDED: 1 IN.